The Gold Standard in Teaching

Our highly trained teachers are qualified and monitored for the gold standard in teaching. In-depth training sessions are provided to new and current teachers and comprehensive teacher guides for each course. Online pedagogic support, training, and annual conferences ensure that teachers have all the necessary tools available to be the best of the best!
We recognize two groups of teachers, based on Industry standards, Fluent and Native. While both groups of teachers are professionally vetted and are only accepted if they have excellent grammar and vocabulary, Native teachers are teachers who were raised in English speaking countries and have a native accent.

Meet our Teachers

Danny S.
United States

Teaching experience: 4 years

Danielle R.
United Kingdom

Teaching experience: 5 years

Liam J. H. 
United Kingdom

Teaching experience: 8 years

Jennifer G.
United States

Teaching experience: 12 years

Why Teach with Us?

    Training & Qualification
    All our teachers receive in-depth training, including Helen Doron's principles and teaching methods, as well as guidance on using the Helen Doron Connect platform.
    Global Community
    A global community of Helen Doron teachers provides opportunities for teachers to share ideas and strategies, and support each other, including yearly international teacher training sessions.
    Online & Offline Worldwide
    With over 1000 learning centers in 38 countries, Helen Doron teachers have the opportunity to combine teaching online with Helen Doron Connect as well as frontal teaching at a learning center in their area.
    Full Lesson Plan with Teacher Tools
    We provide a wide variety of lesson plans and tools to support teachers in setting objectives, presenting, practising, and assessing their students.