A Methodology that Works

Based on years of experience and knowledge, the Helen Doron Connect teaching method uses games, movement, songs, stories and LOTS of fun to maximize children's natural love of learning and ability to easily absorb languages.

Our Unique Methodology

Innovative Learning

An innovative virtual English school including hundreds of interactive games, thousands of original songs, and countless original videos and animations, making learning English online fun, interactive and entertaining.

Group Lessons

Helen Doron online English lessons are taught in small groups of 4-8 students from around the world, allowing for plenty of practice speaking English and opening student’s eyes to different countries and cultures. 

Fun Learning

The Helen Doron teaching method uses games, movement, music, and lots of fun to maximize children’s natural love of learning and ability to easily absorb languages.


Positive Reinforcement

With Helen Doron Connect, children receive lots of positive reinforcement, encouraging and motivating students to feel comfortable speaking up and expressing themselves during the learning process.

Natural Learning

Helen Doron Connect is backed by 35+ years’ experience in providing children with the most effective and effortless way to learn English online, as easily and naturally as their mother tongue!

Qualified Teachers

Our well-trained, highly qualified and passionate teachers is why both parents and kids love Helen Doron Connect. They all share the same vision of creative, fun lessons, so your child will enjoy learning!

Repeated Hearing

A central component of Helen Doron Connect is background hearing at home, in the car, and everywhere. Online learners gain access to a range of tools providing ongoing exposure to English outside the classroom.

Spiral Learning

Rather than trying to master a subject all at once, spiral learning teaches a concept gradually and repeatedly, reinforcing concepts over time. It is a very natural process. 


Connecting the Next Generation

Meet our Teachers

Danny S.
United States

Teaching experience: 4 years

Danielle R.
United Kingdom

Teaching experience: 5 years

Liam J. H. 
United Kingdom

Teaching experience: 8 years

Jennifer G.
United States

Teaching experience: 12 years