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JustTalk English! It's that easy with Helen Doron Connect!
JustTalk is an online programme that allows an English learner to practise their conversational English skills.
With Helen Doron Connect JustTalk , you can choose a topic that interests you and discuss it with one of our experienced Helen Doron teachers. With a 30 minute call session, improve your English with dynamic conversations. Just choose a topic that suits you best!

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Why JustTalk

    The gift of English, accessible now for everyone at an affordable price that fits everyone's pocket.
    Practice On the Go!
    The gift of English, accessible now for everyone at an affordable price that fits everyone's pocket.
    Shorter, cheaper, and more manageable.
    Progress Quickly
    Learn and practise your English with Helen Doron JustTalk. Progress rapidly and talk English with ease about topics that interest you.
Veteran EFL online teacher
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This system has a significant edge compared to other leading virtual English school companies that I've worked for.
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…the e-learning lessons are so engaging that she speaks English spontaneously and tries to say full sentences. She loves every second of it and is sad to leave when the lessons end!
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Marana and Danielle were so excited by the games and by the teacher's great approach. Even though they do not know English, the e-learning lesson was so engaging that they spoke English spontaneously and tried full sentences. The interactive games encouraged them to speak. They were delighted through the whole lesson, and they were smiling and asked for more lessons. They loved every second of it.
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I enjoyed learning English online! I like the games the most, especially the one with the dragon. I felt like I was always winning! I like all the games. Can I have more lessons?

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